SEND Assessment and Progress Tracker


NPQEL Task 2: Leading an improvement project across several schools (4,000 words)


All four schools identified that progress of targeted SEND students needed to be addressed as a school priority. Schools continue to explore more holistic ways of tracking individual pupil’s progress, especially in areas which fall outside traditional academic measures. The project provides a unique opportunity to utilize interschool and cross phase expertise and experience to develop a shared framework to address engagement, motivation and success for targeted SEND pupils.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity

• To receive their entitlement to learning and achieving their potential
• To grow in a safe, happy and nurturing environment
• To inspire everyone to follow their dreams
• To have a passion for learning.

We strongly believe in the core purpose of education and the development of interpersonal skills and adaptability to empower everyone to follow their dreams. Empowering everyone to identify and break down barriers and to make informed choices. We need to ensure that there are opportunities for SEND students to take ownership of their own learning and their future as appropriate.

For everyone in our school communities to develop a positive growth mind-set within non-judgemental environments, to be safe to set you own moral compass.

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