NPQML - 360 Diagnostic

Posted April 02 2019   Sarah Cook

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Diagnostic 360

I’ve finished the introductory unit on Canvas, and my diagnostic 360 is out for everyone to do.

I found it really difficult to do if I’m being honest.  I haven’t had the opportunities for some things, because I’m not a leader yet.  Some things seem more department or senior school-based than primary.  One of my reviewers said, “I wanted to say nice things about you, but there was nowhere for that so I had a good try.”

I’m looking forward to seeing the results.  As far as I can make out, it’s due in on the 5th April, but I have to have completed it before then so that I can look at it and analyse it and so on.

It did make me consider what kind of a person I was.  I know that I can be difficult when I think something is ridiculous, but that there are people that I will follow almost blindly because I have faith in what they think and the fact I trust them to have more information than I do.  I tend to take things on and do my best with them, even if I think they are ridiculous because I want to do my best.  I’m happy to be proved wrong, happier to find what is the best thing for the children, even if it isn’t what I thought.

I know, just from my answers, that I need to be more focused, less distracted, I need to know more about the data that we have available.  I have it, I generate it, I have more to generate tonight, but what good does it do?  What good can it do?  What will I use it for in a wider sense, compared to what I use it for in a class sense?

I think that’s what I’m about to find out as I embark on the 1st section of the course.