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Support wellbeing to improve attendance, behaviour and attainment

According to the NHS, almost one in five young people now have a probable mental health disorder (Newlove-Delgado et al, 2022). And the challenges they face aren’t going to go away overnight.

Our team at Thrive help support children and young people so they feel safe, supported, and ready to learn. To find out more, view Thrive's courses below or complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Thrive Courses

Early Years

 Thrive MH Practitioner

Babies and young children are going through a crucial part of their development journey. Explore and learn how to use evidence-based methods of supporting their ‘right-time’ development so they are put on the path to an emotionally healthy childhood.

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Schools & Academies

  • Learn why mental health & wellbeing are critical to school success
  • Accurately identify need, provide support & make referrals
  • Better understand & respond to the challenges young people face today
  • Benchmark, develop action plans & evidence your impact
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Mental Health Practitioner:
Primary School

Children use behaviour as a way of communicating their needs. Learn to understand and respond to children's non-verbal communication, as well as how to help build their emotional resilience so they can feel an improved ability to learn.
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Young people undergo a seismic shift in brain development during adolescence. Learn how to guide your young people through all stages of this challenging period and discover how to build emotional resilience and wellbeing that will benefit them into their future.
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