The following terms and conditions cover all provision offered by the Outstanding Leaders Partnership (“OLP”).

Cancellation by OLP

OLP is committed to offering high-quality provision that meets the needs of candidates and will always aim to plan viable events. Occasionally, circumstances will arise which result in the need to cancel provision. When this is the case, OLP will take proactive steps to inform you as soon as possible. OLP reserves the right to modify or cancel any provision if unforeseen circumstances arise, but will do our utmost to avoid doing so.

Should OLP cancel an event that you have paid to attend, OLP will:

  • offer a refund for any fees paid (by cheque/BACS), or
  • provide a credit transfer for an alternative/future event.

Full advice and options available at the time of cancellation will be communicated by the event organisers.

Deferring from an OLP qualification

Candidates may apply for a deferral in exceptional circumstances for example; sickness, bereavement, maternity/paternity leave, or another exceptional reason. Candidates must contact the support team citing the reason for their deferral and will be required to complete a deferral request form. Applications for deferring the start to a course/qualification need to be received 14 days prior to the communicated start date. Requests to defer from a course/qualification that has already commenced need to be received as soon as possible and may be subject to additional conditions confirmed at the time by the course/qualification organisers.

A deferral can be granted for a maximum of 12 months, or two course/qualification intakes, subject to candidates meeting any changes to eligibility criteria. Candidates who decide not to re-engage with their qualification will be subject to the OLP withdrawal terms, below. Multiple deferrals may not be granted and could incur additional fees.

Candidates who defer and wish to repeat course content (including face-to-face events) may be required to pay additional charges.

Please read our full NPQ deferral policy here. 

Withdrawing from an OLP qualification

Candidates wishing to withdraw from a qualification must provide reason(s) in writing and may be subject to charges and withdrawal fees. OLP reserves the right to charge an appropriate fee taking into consideration the length of time engaged with a qualification, to cover any associated administration costs. Training fees will not be refunded if a candidate withdraws during the course of a qualification.

Withdrawal date OLP charge
Prior to course engagement1 No fee payable or reclaimed by OLP
After engagement and prior to the first event £150 administration fee payable to OLP
Prior to the second event OLP will retain 50% of any fee paid
After second event OLP will retain 100% of any fee paid


Assessment fees are non-refundable, regardless of final outcome. Rearrangement of assessment including those marked ‘Partially Met’ may incur an additional charge.

There may not always be an opportunity to rearrange/retake qualification assessment.


Course completion certificates or assessment outcome certificates are included in the cost of the qualification on the first issue. Replacement or additional certificates printed after the original copy can incur a charge (confirmed at the time of request) to cover production and postage. Please note that some qualifications are not able to issue replacement certificates depending on the guidelines of the funding agency involved.


Those successful in claiming scholarship funding may be liable to repay scholarship funding if qualification deferral or withdrawal takes place.

Applicants unsuccessful in claiming scholarship funding will be required to pay the full cost of the qualification.

Services and products

Individual or tailored services and products bought or contracted from OLP are subject to terms and conditions outlined in your individual contract which may supersede the standard terms and conditions detailed here.

Candidate liability

Candidates registering/applying for a OLP qualification confirm that all information submitted is accurate and true and agree to adhere to OLP’s terms and conditions. Any false or misleading information may result in forfeit of fees paid, withdrawal from the qualification or other sanction. It is the responsibility of candidates to inform OLP and the OLP assessment centre of any changes or amendments to personal circumstances and/or contact details.

Qualification candidates agree not to share, duplicate or infringe on copyright of OLP content without the express permission of OLP. Candidates are responsible for managing their attendance of events whether face-to-face or online. For information on cancelled events please refer to ‘Cancellation by OLP’.

Candidates are responsible for tracking their own progression and completing their assessment in the allotted time frame.

Candidates may not transfer their place on an OLP course/qualification to another person without express permission from OLP. Candidates wishing to transfer onto another qualification with OLP should submit their request for consideration to and cite their reasons.


Unless otherwise stated, all prices quoted are exclusive of VAT and are correct at the time of publishing on our website or in printed literature.

Payment liability

If a candidate leaves their current employment and the employer had agreed to fully pay course/qualification costs including assessment fees, then liability for paying/arranging payment of unpaid monies transfers to the candidate. Course/qualification fees will be invoiced before the start of the course/qualification and will need to be paid within 30 days. The candidate’s school/setting will be invoiced by default, unless otherwise notified by the candidate at the time of application/registration.

Access to course materials/tools

Access to course/qualification content/the VLE (also known as or referred to as Canvas) will be provided for the duration of your chosen qualification and for three months after completion. In instances where a deferral or extension has been granted this access period may extend beyond the original or normal length of your chosen qualification, subject to OLP confirmation, and may be subject to additional fees payable to OLP. Removal of candidate access to the VLE will also remove any and all content added to the VLE. Content will not be retained or archived by OLP for access at a later date.


OLP reserves the right to exercise or enforce any right available to us.

Changes to these terms and conditions

Please check these terms and conditions regularly. We reserve the right to update them at any time without notice.
If you need further clarification on any aspect, please contact our team by email

1 OLP defines engagement on a course/qualification as the registration of the candidate to our VLE (Virtual Learning Environment, also known as Canvas) or the receipt of confirmed group details from OLP by the candidate.