Leadership: It is about ‘we’ not ‘me’
  July 11 2019
Leadership is a team effort, involving all of your staff, and your team has a tough job. It is your role as a leader to forget the heroics and be there for them, says Yvonne Gandy
International NPQ Case Study: following up with Bev Ross, NPQH candidate and Deputy Principal, China
  July 11 2019
For Bev Ross, a deputy principal at an international school in Guangdong Province, China, doing the NPQH programme with BPN boosted her career development and helped her school tackle a major challenge.
What makes an inspirational school leader?
  July 04 2019
What are the highs and lows of life at the top? Part of a broader article in Independent Education Today, Karen Burns, executive principal of Victorious Academies Trust, describes what qualities a head needs in 2019.
School-to-school collaboration: Four questions to ask
  June 17 2019
Schools cannot tackle the big issues by acting alone and need to embrace collaboration. The big question is how to start. Yvonne Gandy advises...
A collaborative future
  June 05 2019
Ahead of his address to the annual Outstanding Leaders Partnership Forum in Birmingham next month Teacher Development Trust Chief Executive David Weston chats to Yvonne Gandy about collaboration for school improvement and the tensions - and opportunities - it can create.
The secrets to successful collaboration across schools and MATs
  May 16 2019
The Teaching School Hubs pilots will see schools tackling the challenges they face by working together. Drawing on the existing collaborative work of the Outstanding Leadership Partnership, Nick Bannister looks at the secrets to effective collaboration.
Fully-funded NPQs confirmed by DfE
  May 07 2019
The Department for Education has confirmed that it will fund all eligible scholarships for starters of National Professional Qualifications
Join us at the National Professional Development Forum 2019
  April 25 2019
The upcoming forum, on 20th June at Birmingham City Football Club, will look at developing a shared Early Career Framework offer and responding to the teaching centre agenda together.
NPQ scholarship funding to continue for the autumn 2019 intake
  April 12 2019
Scholarship funding for leadership NPQs is available to candidates working in schools that sit within Category 5 and 6 areas.
School collaboration: The quiet revolution
  April 12 2019
The Teaching School Hubs pilots will see schools tackling the challenges they face by working together, but there are already good examples of how this collaborative approach can work in action. Nick Bannister meets the collaborators kickstarting a quiet education revolution.