OLP News

Early Headship Coaching Offer - Why it is so crucial for supporting Head Teachers
  September 06 2022
Alis Rocca takes a look at how our EHCO can help support Head Teachers and also offers advice from her own personal experiences as a Head Teacher
International NPQs Explained
  August 18 2022
Jamie Ganley (Head of International at BPN) outlines a background to the International NPQs, their purpose and how they can support you, or your colleagues, with professional development planning.
Meet our ECF Candidate Support Team
  July 27 2022
We ask a selection of our ECF team some questions to find out a little bit more about what makes them so important to our popular ECF programme's continued success.
Virtual Learning Environment explained
  July 27 2022
Learn more about the ECF Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and how it can best be used by ECTs and ECMs
BPN Receives Successful NPQ & ECF Ofsted Report
  July 27 2022
A review and celebration of our recent OFSTED Report for 2022
Review of COBIS Conference 2022
  May 25 2022
A brief review of the Annual COBIS Conference as well as the thoughts of Jamie Ganley, who attended the event.
Changes to our ECF programme
  May 24 2022
Following fantastic feedback, we have made a few slight changes to the way in which our ECF programme is delivered in order to continue to provide the best possible support to candidates.
Our ECF Dashboard explained
  May 19 2022
We take a deep dive into our School Dashboard and demonstrate how to utilise this powerful tool to get the most out of the ECF programme.
BPN to develop and deliver a new generation of NPQs
  March 31 2021
Award-winning education training organisation Best Practice Network (BPN) is to design and deliver a new generation of National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) for teachers and school leaders.