OLP News

Changes to our ECF programme
  May 24 2022
Following fantastic feedback, we have made a few slight changes to the way in which our ECF programme is delivered in order to continue to provide the best possible support to candidates.
Our ECF Dashboard explained
  May 19 2022
We take a deep dive into our School Dashboard and demonstrate how to utilise this powerful tool to get the most out of the ECF programme.
BPN to develop and deliver a new generation of NPQs
  March 31 2021
Award-winning education training organisation Best Practice Network (BPN) is to design and deliver a new generation of National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) for teachers and school leaders.
CPD at the heart of school improvement
  March 03 2021
A small primary school in Cornwall has become a CPD powerhouse after placing professional development at the heart of its school improvement plans. Yvonne Gandy takes a look.
Best Practice Network selected for ECF roll-out
  March 01 2021
Award-winning education training organisation Best Practice Network (BPN) has been selected as one of the lead providers for the national roll-out of the government’s Early Career Framework (ECF) reforms from September 2021.
CPD during Covid: Things have changed forever
  February 24 2021
CPD has been transformed during the pandemic – with many agreed that it has changed forever. Yvonne Gandy finds out how the CPD offer of one of the regional Teaching School Hubs has reached a global audience after adapting during Covid-19.
National Professional Qualification (NPQ) reforms
  February 03 2021
The DfE is restructuring its suite of National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) to help all teachers continuously develop their knowledge and skills throughout their careers.
No More New NPQ Scholarships
  December 18 2020
It was officially announced on Tuesday 15 December that there is to be no more NPQ scholarship funding for the rest of the current NPQ contract.
The CPD changemakers
  December 03 2020
Sally Bishop talks to primary leaders who see professional development and school improvement as one and the same thing.