National Professional Qualification
(NPQs) for International Schools

Candidates looking to secure funding must apply by midnight on the 3rd of  December to have the best chance of securing a scholarship. NPQ funding is expected to run out by Christmas so apply now to avoid disappointment.

National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) for International Schools

NPQs are fully accredited by the UK Department for Education and recognised as the gold standard across the globe.

Who is this for?

NPQs for international schools are suitable for school leaders at each stage of their career, starting with Middle Leadership and progressing to Senior Leadership and Headship.

Candidates access the highest quality development – crafted by practising professionals and CPD experts and delivered in a way that is attuned to demanding work schedules. Content is contextualised to the needs of international school leaders.

Our internationally delivered qualifications include:


We offer the opportunity to access UK accredited qualifications that improve learner skills, knowledge and effectiveness as follows:

Benefits for learners include:

  • Qualifications accredited by the UK Department for Education and fully transferable for leaders relocating to UK schools
  • Content contextualised to the needs of the international schools workforce and underpinned by robust evidence and expertise
  • Masters credits towards an MA in Educational Leadership

Benefits for schools include:

  • Increased workforce capacity, capability and confidence
  • Staff retention and succession
  • Research-based improvement activity addressing priority needs

Programme Outline

Candidates are expected to complete the qualification within a 12 month period and benefit from:

  • either distance learning or a blend of online learning and face-to-face training events
  • three guided online courses working alongside peers
  • regular online conferences to support and complement learning
  • access to two 360° leadership skills diagnostics
  • support from a nominated in-school mentor
  • facilitation from serving school leaders in outstanding schools
  • local and flexible access to high-quality leadership training
  • dedicated online tutor to support school improvement project planning
  • mobile-enabled virtual learning environment enabling flexible access to course resources and support community
  • up to 100 masters credits available depending on your choice of qualification

How is it delivered?

1. Distance Learning

International school leaders can now access our DFE accredited qualifications without having to return to the UK

Our distance learning pathways provide learners’ flexible access to programme delivery, facilitated through online webinars, courses, one-to-one coaching and peer discussion. Programme content is tailored for the needs of international school leaders and events are scheduled to reflect their locality.

2. Whole School Training

Our team of expert facilitators can come to you, saving your school release costs and delivering content no-site, scheduled according to your needs and tailored to meet your context

Whole-school training presents a cost-effective, personalised approach to programme delivery and helps schools to ensure the capability, capacity, and confidence of their entire workforce.

3. Regional Training Centres

Join our growing network of training centres and deliver UK accredited qualifications across your region

Our regional training centre model helps schools to create a culture of development and growth that doesn’t just ensure the retention of staff but also attracts and nurtures talent, helping you to guarantee the succession of the very best school leaders.

What does it cost?

2018/2019 Price List

Delivery model Qualification Fee Notes
Whole school training



Based on a minimum group size of 10 candidates. Hosted on a school site. Excludes facilitator travel and subsistence.

Distance Learning



Face-to-face activity and networking delivered through online briefings, peer-led activity and online seminars.

Regional Training Centres



*Groups will be hosted at regional training centres. 

*To learn more about becoming a Regional Training Partner across your region, click here.

"The high-quality, research-based course material coupled with the ongoing leadership discourse, through forums and online meetings, have given
me opportunities to reflect on and adapt my current leadership practices. The projects further strengthened my leadership capacity and enabled
me to build on my professional network within the international teaching community of Hong Kong"
Natasha Williams, Secondary Principal, Renaissance College, Hong Kong