Teaching School Hubs: Test & Learn phase

Building on the government's first-ever integrated recruitment and retention strategy, launched in January 2019, School Systems Minister Lord Agnew, announced the Teaching School Hubs 'test-and-learn' phase.

This is the first part of the Department's plans to the review the current structure of system leadership. The Department would like to invite high achieving schools to apply for 1 of up to 9 competitive grants that will be awarded in up to 9 areas of the country.

How we can support your bid:

  1. Strategic partnership support: Contributing to collaborative CPD design, training, development and in-school capacity and capability; 
  2. Nationally accredited qualifications: a clear professional development pathway with transition to Masters level accreditation; blended learning choices locally delivered - nationally written 
  3. Succession and progress tracking of performance and impact: Individual professional development diagnostics and review; national insight into school improvement projects and professional development case study research; peer and performance coaching; 
  4. Regional networking: sharing practice; raising bar on current thinking - challenge interpretation; 
  5. CPD Management and administration: taking care of applications; tracking compliance; policy and administration of candidate communication and programme management
  6. QUALITY Improvement: Workforce training and standards; Quality Assurance; successful qualification outcomes


For more information about this Test & Learn phase click here

If you are interested in working with us to support your bid, please contact our Partnerships Manager, Chris Ludlow