NPQML Day One - The First Face-to-Face Event

NPQML Day One - The First Face-to-Face Event

Posted May 08 2019   Holly Johnson

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Day one of my course was on the 30th of April and I was pretty nervous.

It was at another school and I was going alone and wasn't 100% sure what to expect.

The day started at 9am and we had refreshments and coffee.

Jenny and Lynn ran the course and they were amazing! They put us all at ease and were really down to earth and friendly!

The day went super fast and was really well-paced! The day was interactive and laid back! Just what we all needed!

We covered so much in that one day I went away buzzing! Lynn and Jenny had obviously put a lot of effort into the slides and were very passionate about their subjects which made for easy listening!!! Id also completed the London Marathon the day before and they were both really accommodating letting me move around and have my leg up on a chair!

It's a bit tough that the people running the course are not the same as the people marking and who you talk to online however Jenny and Lynn made a WhatsApp group for us all which has been brilliant so far!

The day was really beneficial as it was geared towards SEND which most other courses I've been on are mostly mainstream and although its good practice to learn about other settings it was good to be able to bounce off and relate to everyone in the room!

The course also starting at 9am let me have a chance to walk my dog in sun! Always a good way to start the day!

Now back to writing the rest of my change proposal which we had help with on the day!

Holly! X