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Shires TSA

Partner Code: SHIRES     Warwickshire

The Shires Teaching School Alliance is ideally situated only a 30 minute drive from South Birmingham and on the border of Redditch, Bromsgrove and Stratford-Upon-Avon. The Shires TSA is a wonderful opportunity for schools in Warwickshire and Worcestershire to collaborate, consolidate and improve outcomes for pupils within individual contexts. This is delivered by maintaining a culture of trust, openness and a desire to improve and succeed. Shires TSA delivers on three focus areas: Professional Development; Initial Teacher Education and School to School Support. All three are integral to an institution recruiting and retaining the best colleagues in the profession; organic growth of leaders and sharing best practice. 

The reason why our leadership development programme is so successful and leads to so many colleagues gaining promotion is that the sessions are relevant and linked to the real life context of being a leader. You may not like role-playing leadership scenarios, but what better way to hone your skills than in the safe environment of your group. The research we use is current and reflective of the educational climate both today and ready to build into tomorrow's world of 21st century teaching. 

Venue locations and course dates

Name Address Telephone
North Bromsgrove High School School Drive, Stratford Road, Bromsgrove, B60 1BA
Intake Group Event Date Venue Facilitator 1
NPQML, Redditch, OLP, SHIRES 2019, autumn NPQML, Autumn 2019 Day 3 Event 07/10/2020 North Bromsgrove High School Rachel McGhie
NPQML, Redditch SHIRES 2020, Spring NPQML, Spring 2020 Day 3 Event 25/11/2020 North Bromsgrove High School Rachel McGhie
NPQSL, Redditch, OLP, SHIRES 2019, autumn NPQSL, Autumn 2019 Day 3 Event 14/10/2020 North Bromsgrove High School Rachel McGhie