An Introduction to Specialist NPQs - Webinar

All you need to know about Specialist NPQs

In this webinar Laura Saunders, Lead Facilitator of our Specialist NPQ Programmes, and Karen Taylor-Paul of Alban TSH, talk through our exciting group of Specialist NPQs.

Scholarship update

There has been a recent update regarding scholarships which is as follows:

Scholarships have been confirmed for the Autumn NPQ intake as part of the government’s long-term education recovery plan.

From autumn 2022,  organisations eligible to access scholarships include:

  • state-funded schools
  • state-funded 16 to 19 organisations
  • independent special schools
  • virtual schools (local authority run organisations that support the education of children in care)
  • hospital schools not already included in other categories of eligible organisations
  • young offender institutions

Local authority employed supply teachers will also be able to access scholarships.

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