The New Build of a Combined Mainstream and Special School.

The New Build of a Combined Mainstream and Special School.


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The aim of this project is to look at regeneration across the Federation, as well as innovative practice on inclusion, to strengthen the Federation’s unique selling point and create sustainability, through the opportunity to be the first school in the area to offer a fully inclusive school site that houses both mainstream and special needs students, which share resources. This would include curriculum delivery, site, staffing and back room services, to be a centre of excellence and deliver a unique curriculum which is based on each individual regardless of need or ability. The school organisation would build knowledge and understanding across the student body, as well as embrace and celebrate differences, to create greater tolerance and a united school community that reflects the wider community.

I am going to refer to models where mainstream and special schools are fully integrated already, or are being established. I will look at them for good practice in the design, development and philosophy of having mainstream and special schools together. Along with the central hub of support services, they will offer to meet all students’ needs on one site. I will then compare this with mainstream schools that have units that offer additional support for students with SEND, to look at whether these are truly inclusive and the advantages and development areas they have in comparison. To do this I will look at the models in some nearby counties, as well as other counties offering a similar model. I will also consider a third potential model for the Federation, which is an all-through mainstream school from 2 to 19 on one site, looking at other models already established.

I will also look at a cost benefit analysis of all the potential models, as well as research into inclusion, and how this can have a fundamental impact on attitudes and outcomes.

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