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Archive of Legacy NPQ School Improvement Projects

The National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) were reformed in 2021. The reforms saw changes to the NPQ assessment criteria so that NPQ participants no longer had to complete a School Improvement Project.

School Improvement Projects saw participants lead real and sustainable change in their schools and we have decided to leave an archive of some of the most impactful projects available online. We hope they can be used to inspire change at your school and thank the NPQ participants involved in the projects for allowing us to share them.

We invite colleagues to view a range of archive School Improvement Projects online.

Managing Pupil Premium and increasing the attainment of Maths for PP and KS1 students
  May 15 2019
Due to the nature of the school, only 5% of children in our school are Pupil Premium. As a result, tracking, monitoring and managing the PP children wasn’t a priority. Therefore, we needed to set up a tracking system, support and monitor the PP children and parents in school to ensure they have equal opportunities/experiences in their educational/home life.
Reducing the attainment gap between pupil premium and non-pupil premium students
  April 12 2019
To reduce the attainment gap between pupil premium and non-pupil premium for upper ability students across Humanities and Technology Faculties by 50% and in line with FFT20
Children in care
  April 03 2019
To strengthen and develop the processes of support and intervention for Children in Care, in order to maximise progress and achievement and so facilitate their educational, personal and social development