Our ECF Dashboard explained

Our ECF Dashboard explained

Ensuring that your teachers are making the most of their assigned training is a vital step in monitoring their continued development and making sure that they are progressing through their ECF journey. In this post we’ll be explaining how important using our Dashboards are for Headteachers and Induction Tutors looking to help support their staff during their ECF.

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What is the Dashboard and why does it matter?

The School Dashboard is a user-friendly way for Headteachers and Induction Tutors to view all their ECTs and respective mentors registration details, their status on the programme and importantly their programme schedules. All Induction Tutors have access to Canvas (VLE) which provides a much more detailed and interactive view of their ECT / mentors progress on the ECF programme.

Keeping track of this information is fundamental in ensuring that a teacher is making the most of their training. Without using our Dashboard, you will be unable to track who in your school has registered for ECF, whether they have they completed or started the programme. Without using the Dashboard you will be unable to track any of these key metrics, so we actively encourage everyone to take advantage of this resource.

Key benefits

All Induction Tutors and Headteachers are able to:

  • Monitor ECT / Mentor registrations to ensure all participants from their school have registered correctly
  • Download latest copies of their ECT / mentor programme schedules to support with engagement, workload planning and staff cover
  • Notify us of changes / change of circumstances in relation to their ECTs / mentors
  • Add or replace a mentors
  • Access the latest newsletters, policies and guidance
  • Receive instant notifications
  • Have access to direct links (where authorised to sign in) to access Canvas (VLE) and DfE “Manage Early Career Training Services” sit

How it works

Once signed up, all Headteachers and Induction Tutors are assigned unique logins allowing them access to our Schools Dashboard. Upon logging in they will be greeted with three options: ECTs and Mentors, Your School and Notifications. This will look exactly like the screenshot shown below.

Dashboard view

ECTs and Mentors

Here you will find a list of all of the ECTs and Mentors registered at your school, you will be able to see their application progress with the DfE as well as their group status and their corresponding Mentors / ECTs. Clicking into individual profiles will take you through to a detailed schedule of their ECF training. You can then at the click of a button chose to Export this schedule as an Excel file which can be shared with your ECTs and Mentors.

Your School

This page is where you will find links to Canvas, which is the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) we use to deliver the majority of the ECF training. There is also a link to the DfE Online Service, which is their own ECF portal. You can also find other resources such as valuable newsletters, key ECF policies and guidance for both ECTs and Mentors.


Here you will be able to see any alerts or any updates to the programmes to keep you informed. Once notified of any changes from schools about their ECTs and Mentors, we are able to action specific requests and make any necessary updates.



Currently over 1300 School Dashboard accounts are live and have reaped the benefits of utilising our Schools Dashboard. This resource is extremely valuable when looking to stay informed regarding your school’s ECTs and Mentors. Through having access to detailed schedules and up to date notifications regarding any changes at your fingertips, this is a key resource in helping your ECTs progress through their training as seamlessly as possible.

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